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WoodyRoo by Billy Wood.Born and bred in Sydney, from a young age I was obsessed with the fit of my clothes. Granny was forever taking in football jumpers and hemming my boardies and I was always compelled to tuck my shirt in.
Granny was a great seamstress and taught me how to sew. Around 9 years ago she dragged me down to the fabric store where I found this great roll of jersey fabric and I took it home and stitched it up. I went back to get more fabric the next day and from there I fell in love with making clothes and realised this is what I wanted to do every day for the rest of my life.
After a couple of years of sitting in cafes filling sketchpads with designs and sewing up samples, I studied fashion design although dropped out after two months. From then on I jumped in and worked with some of the best tailors in Sydney to develop the first samples and launched the first collection at Paddington Markets in 2012.

27 William St, Paddington NSW 2021

Phone: 0418 677 871

Website: https://www.woodyroo.com/


Sunday: 10am–4pm
Monday: 12pm–6pm
Tuesday: 12pm–6pm
Wednesday: 12pm–6pm
Thursday: 12pm–6pm
Friday: 12pm–6pm
Saturday: 10am–4pm